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                                                                                                                      THE BIO

My likes range from one extreme to the other, pretty much with everything. Music, food, the people I know….I am what they call eclectic. I will say this about my personality, sarcasm runs through my veins and sometimes it gets me into trouble.

I absolutely LOVE to make people laugh, and the fact that I have a very youthful mindset often helps.

I have a tendency to be addicted to social media but….I also feel solace in nature and being alone. You “HAVE” to unplug sometimes, you know, to recharge. Being a Libra, it’s all about the scales, balance. It’s hard to maintain that and I have found a way to do so. For me, this is what works.

I work full time, just like everyone else because as we all know, those bills are not going to pay themselves. It would be very cool if they did. I have found ways to feed my creative side, one being this podcast.

Cooking is another one of my passions, all of you fellow foodies know just how much fun food can be. My issue is that I like food. Really, really like food. I have always been a big girl and my willpower does exist however my laziness sometimes overpowers it. I like to exercise but it’s the getting to the gym that’s not easy for me. A couple years ago I started IF (Intermittent Fasting) and it has changed my life. I am approximately midway to my goal, I have lost about 70lbs. 

A smoker for many years, this is probably the only time my laziness was an actual benefit. About 10 years ago, I was faithful to the gym, modified my eating habits (didn’t go on a “diet) by making healthier choices. Living on my own, by the time I sat down to relax was usually later on at night and that is when I would have my 1st cigarette of the day. My game plan was to have that 1st smoke after everything I needed to accomplish was complete. Long story even longer, I shed weight and my smoking started to diminish, slowly. I kept that smoking habit to a minimum even when I gained my weight back, mainly because I didn’t like smoking and wanted to stop but never really applied myself.

By the time I decided to go on my “Smokers Diet” I was only having 1-2 cigarettes a week, so technically I was already on a diet so to speak. August of 2017 was my 3 year anniversary since I have had one and I have never looked back, turns out my lungs like having air vs. smoke in them. It is now 2022 and I still have not smoked....I don't miss it. 

These are topics I will be covering throughout the life of the show, amongst other things....."Everything!"...Except........

Religion & politics, these  are topics that I have absolutely no interest is discussing. Why? These are personal/intimate choices that everyone decides for themselves. I have my position on these two areas, they are mine and I will always embrace my choices, and so should you!

I love my family and friends and look forward to spending with them, always.

One sibling, a big brother and he’s one of my most favorite people in the universe. I know he feels the same way about me regardless of what he says. HAHA…

My Mom is my Angel and rock and still to this day I have no idea what I did to deserve such a wonderful woman as a Mom. But every day I am thankful for her.

My Dad, oh how I miss him. I held his hand when he went home. It was truly an honor to be there. He was such a strong force in our lives, even though he was a very sick man. His motivation was “Us.” Mom, Mike and myself.

These three people are my heroes and my life has been the better because of them.

I decided to start a podcast is because I fell in love with my radio life. It has always been a part time thing which is good because it doesn’t interfere with my full time job. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s about balance.

WXRV, 92.5 The River was where I spent my internship back in 2011 and it will always be one of my favorite places. Many people there have taught me so much and I am forever grateful. Not to mention the friends I made while there. I was a bit teary eyed when I left in 2016. It was time for new adventures and I had to move on.

It wasn’t until I went for an interview down at Cape Cod, MA, and eventually informed that I didn’t get the job that I realized how much I love the “Microphone.” Anyone will tell you that I am a talker.

I made the decision, the decision that has truly changed my life. I said to myself, “Self? If nobody else will put you on the air, do it yourself.”