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So, once again April is writing on the blog that she is not faithful to. I update other parts of this site but not this tab. This will change!!!! Well, let’s provide you with some recent information with what’s been going on with me.

I am still unemployed BUT that is changing. This girl here got her MA Real Estate License in February 2022 and will finally starting this new endeavor in August. Why so late you ask? Well, I found out that I needed to have 2 surgeries and that put a huge monkey wrench in my timeline.

Everything happens for a reason, that is all I have to say. It is so true on so many levels. Anyhoo, all is well with me…all healed and ready to conquer the world.

My plan is to work in real estate either full or part time. I am leaning towards part time because real estate is not guaranteed income and I need that.

My focus is on attaining full time or a strong part time job along with real estate. I also decided that the normal 9-5 desk job is no longer a good fit for me. To be honest, it never really was but those were the types of jobs I had for most of my life. And I am done with that!

I am going to stay true to what makes me happy. I will focus on my podcast, getting back into radio and my exciting new adventure in real estate.

And I know that my plans and goals will happen for me.

The trick is to stay positive and never say that you can’t do something. Even if you are afraid/scared….that is ok. Use that to motivate you to do something that will make you “Fly.”

Accomplishing goals only happen if you try.





Holy Crap!!!! It has been 2 years since I posted on my blog. Apparently I am a slacker. That being said, I have some updates for you all. 2020 has been a chaotic year for pretty much the whole world. Due to COVID-19 I was laid off from my job, yay me. Technically it was a blessing in disguise. It is causing my mindset to go in a direction that I was not expecting.

I have been thinking outside of the box way out of the box more than I ever have before. I am in the process of starting my own business and hopefully that will take off. With regards to my weight I have started an entirely new lifestyle called intermittent fasting day.

Since June 14, 2020 I have lost 50 pounds. This particular lifestyle is one that I never dreamed of having because it is very very very easy to follow. In a nutshell, it is not and I repeat not a diet. It is not tell you what to eat, it tells you when to eat. Very important here, not want to eat but when to eat. I have always loved food, cooking it and eating it feeding people etc. etc. I am an over eater and it has gotten me into a situation. I got myself here and I will get myself out of it. I started walking outside this summer, and now I can walk more than 2 miles without getting a leg cramp. I am no longer going to the gym because of COVID-19 not because I don’t want to as I feel it's not safe enough at this time.

With that in mind I have purchased an elliptical for my house so that I can continue to attain great cardio workouts at home. My eating window istypically will be anywhere from the hours between noon and 8 PM, after that I fast. After some time with intermittent fasting (IF), I have noticed less cravings less hunger and I prefer to fast more than eating. These days, I need to fast longer, 18-20 hours. I stop eating most days right after dinner. I am not waking up every day thinking to myself, how much can I eat today? I no longer live to eat, I eat to live. I feel better, I’m healthier, and I’m happier.

I do make healthier choices for the most part when it comes to what I eat because I want to make the calories count. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat junk food as well but not as much. Basically my daily food consumption has decreased by at least half due to this new lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier and I’ll never look back at my old ways. Those of you out there who are struggling with weight or things like that I highly suggest looking into this and seeing if it can work for you. Stay strong my friends, stay safe and healthy. We'll be seeing you on The Lily Pad. 


It's almost Christmas. I still haven't lost any weight. The plans and goals have been marinating in my mind for some time now. Drastic, drastic changes will happen. It's a cliche' time of year but a good time regardless. I look forward to January. My friend and I have devised a plan for our goals for 2019 to make it fun and interesting.  Each month we will set one or more small goal for ourselves for that specific month. If we attain said goal or goals....the other will buy a random gift at the dollar store. It can be "anything" which will make if funny as well. 

January Goal : Go to the gym minimum 3xs per week and to lose 5 lbs. 

I will keep you posted. 


It's time to focus on new goals. A very serious goal is the primary focus. My health, and I will mention this numerous times along this journey of mine. I am at a point in my life where....if I don't make some wise choices, I will not be well in the future. I am overweight, very overweight and that is going to change. It will be 4 years August 2018 since I've had a cigarette. If I can do that, I can control my appetite. Wiser choices will be made! AMM

Day 1 with my new website. Not much to say other than this is addictive to say the least. Once I started I just couldn't stop. Little change here, little change there. Setting up a website is a lot of fun. There will be more....I promise. This is only the beginning. AMM


I have started a new phase in my life. An aspect of my life that I have not conquered. I want to be healthier. I am a big girl, overweight to the point where if I don't do something now.... My life has been quite a journey and it continues. I am living in the now, being grateful for my past and looking forward to my future. AMM

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